Today in the city Fyffe 23.10.2019

Me being goofy




My first video.

"A Just Society" Alexandria Ocasio Cortez New Socialist Plan for America

Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has published her new plan for America. "A Just Society" is the plan's name. This plan includes giving illegals who ...

John Wagner

The shop.

24 Hours of Lemons Build - The Engine is Back Together - Vlog #7

If you enjoy this video, give it a thumbs up , please. A big “Thank You” to Necksgen for sending us their REV2 Lite Head-and-neck restraints. Find out more at ...

Plainview vs Sylvania 2019

Plainview High School Marching Bears Halftime Performance 9/20/2019. Full show. Best performance to date.

Tik tok crazy

Tik tok.

I ‘’hardscope’’

I hit those?

The Third Democrat Debate: Analysis of Racism, Socialism, and No Guns

Podcast 93 will discuss the third Democrat debate full of accusations of racism, the push of Socialism, and we must have no guns in society.



August 17th 2019. Youth football djambour I and section Alabama.

Here's Brady's Boaz Youth Football A-team jamboree. Brady is #12.

August 17, 2019. Youth football jamboree pt2.

More of Brady's djambour I in section Alabama. Brady is number 12.

Who is Ilhan Omar? The Congresswoman may be Ilhan Nur Said Elmi

Podcast 89 discusses Who is Ilhan Omar? The Congresswoman from Minnesota's 5th Congressional District may actually be Ilhan Nur Said Elmi ...

Picking fresh muscadine ! So delicious ( Alabama )

They're wild and they taste like it. The inner flesh is rich and thick, with an intense sweetness like a Concord grape, and they have tough spicy skins that taste ...

2018 Volleyball Highlights

Kelly Nelson, 5'10” Middle Blocker / Hitter. Class of 2020. Cornerstone Christian Academy, Rainsville, AL. Volleyball. 2018 Highlights.

Plainview vs. Collinsville 8/23/19

Plainview High School Marching Bears First Performance.

Dance Fitness “The Champion” Carrie Underwood

Here is a sample of one of the dance fitness songs we do at my studio, Mountain Strong Fitness in Section, AL! I do not own the rights to this music. No copyright ...

VP Alabama Fall 2019 60 sec promo

Join us September 13-14 at White Oaks Farm in Fyffe, AL Vintage Pickin' shopping events are all about making shopping for those hard-to-find- antique ...

pastor WILONDJA ISSAC akitowa neno la mungu NEW MEXICO

mbarikiwe wote na neno la bwana kutoka kwa pastor wilondja issac.

Donkey Calf Raise Machine ALTERNATIVES

In this video, I cover 4 alternatives to the donkey calf raise machine: the smith machine donkey calf raise, barbell donkey calf raise, dip belt donkey calf raise, and ...

Fort Payne motor speedway FWD class 7/27/2019

Sand Mountain Whitewater Trifecta Kirby, Stringer, and South Sauty creeks

1st run of Kirby Creek in The Powell / Section / Macedonia areas of Alabama.

This is not my video it is just funny so i uploaded it

Lol me.

Show you my fishing stuff

Like and sub.

All I am doing with my life

Just a country boy

Like you never seen before

Just a country boy

Singing is what I do.

Goosepond Fireworks 2019


Tik tok.

June 27, 2019

A quick check in and hello to my subscribers.

AFC II Kenpo Demo

Joseph Techlowec Kenpo Demo.

Vlog with no narration - June 1, 2019

I decided to film a "day in the life" vlog with no narration. It's all time lapses and drone shots. It was all filmed on June 1, 2019, in Rainsville, AL. GIVE THIS A ...

Build Muscle with PROPER High Bar Squat Form

Do you want to know how to build muscle with proper high bar squat form? Today we're going to talk about how to perfect the squat so you can safely lift more ...


2019 Goose Pond Half - Swim Finish (slow motion)

2019 Goose Pond Half - Up to aid station at mile 6

2019 Goose Pond Half - Into aid station at mile 7

2019 Goose Pond Half - mile 4 aid station

2019 Goose Pond Half - Leaving the campgrounds

Etekcity Vs RENPHO bluetooth body fat scale

Etekcity Scale: RENPHO Scale: How body fat scales work: Full Etekcity scale ...

Fire School Training in Rainsville Alabama

Several fire departments from Alabama converged in Rainsville, AL for "fire school". After the "students" did their training in the different rooms of the house, they ...

Fyffe high week before school let out

In gonna miss yall it been a fun year we've had our uos and down but y'all are always in my heart.

Diss track on pennywise

Build muscle with PROPER barbell bench press form

Deadlift tutorial: Check out the Treadaway Training Blogcast: Today we're going to talk about barbell bench ...

Mikey ultra flip

Gaige Cheatom.


I do not own rights to beat.

Build Muscle With PROPER Deadlift Form

PERFECT the deadlift in just a few simple steps. Exercise tutorial playlist: Gear mentioned in this video (Links are affiliated and it will ...

Los culpables

Weather in the city Fyffe the week
         What is the weather in Fyffe will be tomorrow? We know the answer to that question